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Innovation Network Annual Symposium: CFPMN2 Autonomous Systems


April 27, 2021


The 2021 Innovation Networks Annual Symposium was a free virtual event that all members of the Defence and Security Community, including stakeholders in defence innovation, were encouraged to attend.

The Symposium is a unique opportunity for Micro-nets to present their research to the Defence Community, the academic community, and other like-minded stakeholders. The goal of this event is to encourage collaboration between participants, sharing of knowledge, creation of relationships, and to promote the development of larger Innovation Networks in these fields. 

The Challenge -  Autonomous Systems for Defence and Security: Trust and Barriers to Adoption 

To promote revolutionary advances in our understanding of autonomous systems for defence and security applications, with a focus on trust and barriers to adoption.


How can I learn about the projects that were showcased at the symposium?

Individuals registered for the event were encouraged to view the project videos in advance of the live event and submit their questions to the Micro-nets. Responses to all of the submitted questions can be found in the Project Q&A section of this webpage.

Didn’t register to attend the Annual Symposium? Contact Heather at heather@allianceevents.ca for support in creating an account to view the full content of the event webpage. 

I have additional questions about a project and/or I am would like to connect with the Researchers from a project. 

Contact details for each of our Micro-nets can be found in the ”Resources section of this webpage. 

What is Innovations Networks?

Innovation Networks is an element of the Department of National Defence’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program. It supports the establishment of new and existing networks by stimulating collaboration and the free flow of ideas critical to innovation. Academics, industry, and other partners are encouraged to come together to form collaborative Innovation Networks. 

Innovation Networks’ first two Calls for Proposals supported the creation of Micro-nets; smaller networks that perform research on one or more aspects of a larger Innovation Challenge. With time, these Micro-nets, along with other networks/participants, will grow and combine to form larger sustainable national Innovation Networks dedicated to further research on a particular Innovation Challenge. 

By creating Innovation Networks, the IDEaS Program is fostering the development of a critical mass of researchers, highly qualified personnel, and expertise within the Canadian innovation community!

What is a Micro-net?

A Micro-net (or Micro-network) is a self-organized multidisciplinary team, led by a Canadian university and includes five or more investigators from at least three different institutions or organizations. Over time, these Micro-nets are expected to evolve to generate a critical mass of experience and knowledge, toward solving specific defence and security challenges.



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